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Family Breaking Up Due to My Aunt

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I am graduating in May with a degree in Psychology. My family is going through basically a break up because of my Aunt. I personally believe she has gone untreated for most of her life with either schizophrenia or a personality disorder. She could qualify for both under the DSM 5, but I know that is she has schizophrenia she would not have a personality disorder. The reason I am putting all this out there is because she has taken my great grandmother from my grandma, put her name on my great grandmother’s bank account, and is forcing my grandmother to move off her property. She brings up situations that does not make sense because they never actually happened. My great grandfather on my mom’s side was also schizophrenic and I know that it is hereditary. My mother is constantly asking me for guidance and help to understand and decide what to do with her that will benefit the family as a whole. This weekend, November 2-4, 2018, we are planning to move my grandmother and grandfather into our home to get them away from their daughter and off her property. I just do not know what we should do about my Aunt because she needs help, but we do not know how to help her. We have been thinking that we could call DSS, the police, or a mental health facility; however, she is very deceitful and lies a lot. My mother has called the police before because she was putting her children in danger, but the police officer said the only thing my mother could do is call DSS and see if they can find anything. So that did not go anywhere and she still has not received any help. I guess now we are just at a loss for what we can do for her, if we can do anything at all. If there is anything that we are unaware of that we could do, please let me know.

Family Breaking Up Due to My Aunt

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The fact that you are bringing your grandparents into your home may mean that this problem will worsen. Expert guidance is highly recommended.

I would encourage your family to do two things: (1) consult a mental health professional with expertise in interacting with difficult people; and (2) consult an attorney. These are complex problems that are not easily remedied.

Don’t attempt to fight this battle on your own. Utilize the assistance of experts who can ensure that your family is protected from any ramifications (legal or otherwise) incurred by your aunt’s actions. You can’t control your aunt’s behavior, but you can protect your family against her. That is your best course of action. I hope this helps. Good luck and please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Family Breaking Up Due to My Aunt

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