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Very Depressed to Emotionless

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I’ve been diagnosed with psychosis since birth and depression/anxiety. I was in a mental hospital twice for suicide, and i’ve gotten treatment but i stopped and also gave up on therapy. In replacement, i was given herbal chinese medication which seemed to make me much happier yet very angry and sometimes very suicidal. I used to have really bad delusions and believed i had to kill everyone or be killed, confusing reality with made up memories etc and i would become very depressed and emotional but now i just don’t care. i have no interest in things i used to really love, although i dont feel sad. I twitch alot and stare at things for hours and i still repeat conversations out loud, and i noticed i have suddenly forget ppl or cant make out whats in an image like i cant recogize it, same with some words and letters. I’ve had hallucinations since i was young and none of this was weird to me until i was put on meds. Do i have schizophrenia? Do i still have depression or psychosis even tho the herbal doc said i was cured?

Very Depressed to Emotionless

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You asked about whether or not you have schizophrenia or depression. Those questions are impossible to answer over the Internet. They are only answered via an in-person evaluation with a mental health professional.

You mentioned that you have been deemed “cured” by a “herbal doc.” Herbalists practice nontraditional medicine. In traditional medicine, there are no definitive “cures” for depression and psychosis. Highly effective treatments exist but cures are elusive. Thus, one should be skeptical of those who claim cures. Relatedly, the fact that you are continuing to experience symptoms suggests that a cure has yet to be found.

It is rare for children to be psychotic. Among those who develop psychosis, it typically does not emerge until late adolescence.

In addition, it is highly unusual for an individual to have had psychosis “since birth.” Psychosis tends to be episodic in nature and not constant. Perhaps it’s possible but I’m not aware of any cases in which it has occurred. Some people may have a genetic predisposition to psychosis but generally they are not born in a state of psychosis.

Chinese herbal remedies are not the first-line treatments for depression or psychosis. They may be helpful adjuncts to traditional types of mental health treatments but they should not replace those treatments unless it is empirically proven. I would recommend consulting a licensed mental health professional who provides talk therapy. Studies have demonstrated that talk therapy is a highly effective treatment for depression and related conditions. If psychosis is present, you might require medication and thus should consult a psychiatrist. Thank you for your question and good luck. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Very Depressed to Emotionless

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