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I Need to Know What Is Happening to My Mental Health

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Hey i am Ay. from Turkey Istanbul. I will get straight to the point. I used to scare death but this summer i started to not. I dont know why but I actually started to want to be dead. But i was scared that what if i die and nothing gonna happen like all empytness and black screen but sometimes i thought myself maybe i will go heaven and there is god. I searched the internet and i found out that I have anxiety but i dont believe that. I dont know why but i feel like i am going to die. No, i am not going to suicide and never tried that but i kinda feel like it is going to be a traffic accident or someone will kill me. And now i dont fear nothing . I sometimes think of my funeral and ask myself how many people will attempt? I always get sad that my family will cry a lot. My grandma , my mom , my father and my big brother. I dont want to see them sad.I have been feeling these for 3 months and these days i kinda feel like i am in my last days. I am ready to go.

I Need to Know What Is Happening to My Mental Health

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You wrote that you “found out” via the internet that you have anxiety disorder. Self-diagnosis via the internet is problematic and ill-advised. The proper way to know if you have an anxiety disorder is to be evaluated in-person, by a mental health professional.

You wrote that you are in your “last days” but did not describe how you know this. Did you have a dream or a premonition? Were you diagnosed with a terminal illness? If there is no evidence to support the notion that you are dying, then your belief is speculative, perhaps driven by anxiety about death.

Death anxiety is not uncommon. Intellectually, we all know that we are going to die. Psychologically, this realization can be emotionally distressing and thus many avoid it or even deny it. You might benefit from reading the many books written on the subject.

I would advise you to consult a mental health professional, in-person. They can provide treatment if a disorder is present. A few sessions with a licensed therapist might be all you need to resolve this issue. Thank you for your question. Good luck and please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

I Need to Know What Is Happening to My Mental Health

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