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I Want to Kill People & I Think People Are Annoying

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I have to say that im not sad. i just think that the world is really annoying. i want all people to shut up and just stop making noise. i hope everyone is dead so the world will be quiet and i will feel comfortable. i really wanna kill people who always talk to me. and i also hope they dont move so they wont make any noise. is this normal? do i have to go to the hospital? i dont really want to. i guess its just because of the lack of sleep. i always want to sleep no matter how much i slept. i feel dizzy everyday and want to vomit nearly everyday. (im sure im not pregnant lol) i dont really feel full and i eat a lot. is this just because of high level of stress? not any kind of disease right? and also i cant fall asleep easily even though im tired and sleepy(im always tired) i cry but i dont really feel very very sad. i mean im a bit sad but not to a level that i have to cry i guess. im trying describe my situation as detail as possible so that you can define it accurately. :)

I Want to Kill People & I Think People Are Annoying

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A. The fact that you are not sleeping is likely contributing to this problem. Sleep problems are directly connected to mental health problems. People who don’t sleep well have more mental health problems than people who do sleep well. More generally, people don’t function well when they are sleep deprived.

Sleep deprivation can cause significant negative physical and psychological effects. Physically, sleep deprived people are less alert and have memory problems. Researchers have identified sleepiness as a major contributor to traffic accidents.

Emotionally, irritability is more prominent. Moods can be erratic and shifting. Sleep deprived people are less happy and struggle to contain their emotions.

It would be an understatement to say that sleep is fundamental to good physical and mental health functioning. It could be that you are “annoyed” by people because your sleep deprived mind is overwhelmed.

You asked about going to the hospital. You should seek emergency assistance if you are at risk of hurting yourself or someone else. Otherwise, try counseling. You should also consult your doctor to determine if a sleep disorder is present.

Hopefully, you will utilize the assistance of treatment professionals who can assist you in finding a solution to this problem. Good luck and please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

I Want to Kill People & I Think People Are Annoying

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