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What Do I Do about Side Effects?

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From the U.S.: Can dietary mineral supplements like potassium and/or magnesium (or anything else) reduce the solitary adverse reaction of muscle stiffness I’m having to my daily 20 mg of Latuda. It’s a terrific drug for doing what it’s supposed to do., but I have stiffness. At first stiffness caused me to stop going to the gym so I gained weight. But when I realized that the soreness was not getting worse, and I was getting fatter, I went back to the gym. I basically feel like I’ve been working out 24/7 even when I’m not. I’e taken ibuprofen occasionally for the pain, but not often. I’ve been on Latuda about 6 months; noticed soreness right away.

My psych said it was just a side effect; the drug manufacturer had no insight. So, has ANYONE found a natural remedy to offset this annoying side effect? It’s not enough to make me stop the med, but it would be nice if the soreness could be lessened. (FYI, I drink lots of water; ta ke levothyroxine 40mg daily).

What Do I Do about Side Effects?

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Thank you for writing. You are asking important questions. But we are not medical doctors so are not in a position to answer. I can only suggest that if you aren’t satisfied with the answers your psychiatrist is giving you, you seek a second psychiatrist’s opinion. I also suggest that you talk to your medical doctor. It’s possible your symptoms are a side effect of the Latuda. It’s also possible that you have coincidentally developed a medical problem that has nothing to do with the medication.

Do pursue this further. If it is a side effect of the Latuda, you will need to evaluate whether the benefit you are getting from it is worth the discomfort. If there is a medical issue, you need to know — and learn what to do.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

What Do I Do about Side Effects?

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