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Can OCPD Be Occasional?

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I am wondering if it’s possible that OCPD symptoms show up occasionally, like for example in situations that feel out of control or that fall out of the mental rigid scheme of the subject. Or is it just a less severe form of OCPD?

Let me make you an example: what if the subject had a serious breakdown after losing a list he made, looking for it all day and getting no work done in the meantime? Or having a breakdown when served the wrong pizza at the restaurant, just because he always has it like that? Could it be that this subject can lead a normal life for the most part, yet have these occasional episodes of crisis and still be considered a OCPD case?

Can OCPD Be Occasional?

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I would characterize the reactions in your examples as being disproportionate to the event described. Having a breakdown in response to being served the wrong pizza is inappropriate and not the norm. The proper response would have been reporting it to the waitstaff and requesting that the problem be corrected. There should have been no emotional response of the magnitude you have described. The situation simply does not necessitate a crisis-level emotional response.

Problems happen in life. They are inevitable. They happen so often that we should expect them.

If you are having “occasional episodes of crisis,” these should be analyzed in counseling. You may be lacking problem-solving skills. This type of issue is often easily correctable. Therapy can teach you to have more appropriate responses to all types of situations.

You asked questions about a specific diagnosis. Those questions cannot be answered over the internet. Meeting with a counselor, in-person, is the best solution to this problem. Trained professionals can both answer your questions about a diagnosis and treat the problem. Mental rigidity is a common problem that can easily be remedied with counseling. I hope you will consider it. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Can OCPD Be Occasional?

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