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I Think I Have SPD

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I seem to link with a majority of the symptoms. I am afraid because my girlfriend is coming over and she pointed it out that I’m pretty much like a sociopath and I should consult a professional over it. Is this true? I don’t have much emotion over anything and don’t care for rules or laws, my behaviour can switch from calm to aggressive in a split second and I’m not sure why. If I can stay away from people I will quite happily and avoid any sort of conversation. Not to mention I lie a lot and have used people before.

I Think I Have SPD

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I’m not sure what you mean by “SPD.” Maybe you meant sociopathic personality disorder but there is no such named disorder. You might be thinking of antisocial personality disorder (APD). If I am wrong, perhaps you can write back to clarify what you mean by “SPD.”

Generally speaking, if you know you have a problem, you should try to correct it. In your case, if you don’t correct it, you risk incarceration. Most people do not wish to lose their freedom.

If you have a desire to change, then seek counseling. You have the right not to seek treatment but you may face negative consequences for not doing so.

You mentioned not wanting to engage in a treatment that requires talking. I’m not aware of any counseling that doesn’t require talking. Conversation is a requirement.

Perhaps an alternative to counseling is medication. Consult a physician to determine if medication would be beneficial. Another treatment to consider would be anger management, though it would require you to converse. There are many great anger management programs that could assist you in changing your behavior.

Here is something you might want to consider. If you were arrested, a stipulation of your sentence might include court-ordered counseling. Wouldn’t it be better to undergo counseling now, with the therapist of your choice, rather than when you’re forced to do so by the court? Thank you for your question. Good luck and please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

I Think I Have SPD

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