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Things Considered Delusions

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Is flat earth considered a delusion? If I took an anti-psychotic medication would that help to dispel such a delusion?

Things Considered Delusions

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You bring up an excellent point for us to ponder. The earth is either round or it is not. It is either flat or it is not. The gun is loaded or it is not. The pitbull on the corner is either friendly or it is not. There either are sharks, that will eat you, in the ocean where you are swimming or there are not. You can either jump off a 10-story building, flap your arms strongly and safely fly away or you cannot. You can either safely catch a fired bullet with your teeth or you cannot.

Are we entitled to believe in things that are not real? Well, in all of the examples that I just gave you believing in something that is not true would result in your death. Dying is a very heavy price to pay for being wrong. Would you believe me if I told you that every time one believes in something that is not true that person pays a price? There is always a price to pay. You are rewarded for interpreting reality correctly and punished for incorrectly interpreting reality. Abraham Maslow’s book on personality and motivation, which I consider to be one of the most profound books written in the last two centuries, explains the need to interpret reality correctly. He in essence says, only people who interpret reality correctly are mentally healthy and everyone else is mentally ill, to one degree or another.

Science, and the research methodology of science, has given us all of the medicines that save lives and saved us from all of the medicines that take lives. Your smart phone, your allergy medication, your big-screen TV, the cancer medications that saved your mother, these are all things that have come to us from the scientific method.

The scientific method says that the earth is round. Could it still be flat? Not if science is valid. All of the evidence tells us that the earth is round and could not be flat. Denying the roundness of the earth is denying all of science.

Studying science and the scientific method will prove the validity of science and its determination that the earth could not be anything other than round. After talking to a science teacher or reading books on astronomy or simply studying the logic of science and the experiments that have tested it and proven it to be true, if after that one believes that the earth is flat then one is delusional.

A delusion is a belief in something when all evidence proves that belief to be wrong and the contrary to be true. Delusions are a sign of an unhealthy mind and medication can indeed help the unhealthy mind to see more clearly. I hope I’ve answered your question or at least it provided a little insight or a starting point for you to do your own investigation. Thanks for writing.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Things Considered Delusions

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