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I Have Hit a New Low

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From the U.S.: Hello. I have manic depression and probably other undiagnosed mental disorders.. I have dealt with my issues for years but have hit a new low.

For the past few months I have been having what I think are hallucinations. It started as non bothersome shadows and shapes and occasional sounds. It has progressed to the point that I see detailed things such as bugs, people standing or walking past me or down a hall, animals and I hear voices of my kids or my coworkers speaking to me when they aren’t there. Today I experienced one that could have resulted in an accident. I watched a truck turn in front of me while driving. I swerved, I stopped and there was no truck.. I recently tried to see my doctor to discuss this but was turned away due to an insurance lapse..

I have noticed i have begun to experience paranoia and panic associated with this. Possibly unrelated but I am also going through a very low point in life. I have lost all joy, all happiness in life. Days feel forced and I don’t experience any type of happiness anymore. I am often angry, sometimes to the point of rage accompanied by thoughts of harming myself, my pets and others though I have never attempted nor plan to attempt to do so.. I just wonder if this is all related, if I should take this to the er or if they just would tell me to see a doctor and send me away.. I’m not sure what I should do.. Thank you..

I Have Hit a New Low

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Thank you for writing. You don’t need me to tell you that your symptoms are very serious. You could have caused an accident with disasterous results.

By all means, go to the Emergency Department of your local hospital. Take your letter and this response with you. It will help the staff understand you. Do make sure that that a thyroid screening and a check for vitamin deficiency are included in the assessment. Sometimes symptoms like yours are related to one or both problems. Do tell them if you are taking medications for bipolar.

If all is physically okay, then you absolutely do need to see a mental health professional. I did an internet search for low income mental health services in your area and found several agencies that offer low cost help. The ED may also be able to provide you with a referral.

Please follow up. You deserve to feel better. You don’t want to live with the guilt that comes with accidentally hurting someone.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

I Have Hit a New Low

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