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My Cousin Has Fabricated Her Childhood Life

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Hi my same age cousin has reinvented herself so to speak she tells people falsehoods about her childhood. She appears to have good sense in the present but she tells everyone including me about her times in Virginia growing up. She live 2 miles from me her whole life. She tells me and others about her 15 years plus abusive marriage where he was controlling and isolating. She was unable to contact her mother and father because of him. Only problem is she lived in same house as her mom and dad. She also says he never let her work and next breath she tells you about her working 15 years at a factory nearby. She has recreated her life where she was a victim of some type. Her husband didn’t treat her badly. No one will speak to her anymore. She acts normal today but when she discusses past it is all fiction. So strange. Let her talk for 15 minutes and she will contradict what she just told you. The central theme is she is a victim of this or that

My Cousin Has Fabricated Her Childhood Life

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It is not clear what your question is, so my response will be general. What’s important is that her experiences, as she remembers them, may be different from how you remember them. You also may not have been privy to everything that was happening in her life. These experiences may or may not be real, but there’s nothing you can or should do about the stories she tells others. She can choose to tell any story she wants; the people she is telling them to will have to decide for themselves if they believe her or not. It’s her life and her stories and it is probably best to not to intervene. If you have a specific question about your cousin that you would like to ask, please don’t hesitate to write again. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

My Cousin Has Fabricated Her Childhood Life

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