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Do I Have a Mental Disorder?

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From the U.S.: I deal with a lot of anxious feelings. If others are talking I am always sure they are talking about me and judging me. I worry almost constantly. I have trouble communicating verbally with others and freeze up when others ask me questions. I have to force myself to make eye contact.

I switch fast from being very happy to very sad, but each phase doesn’t last for long (as in a few minutes to a few hours, which from what I have studied, it sounds like bipolar disorder lasts for days at a time?) I also don’t take correction well. I often wake up crying, with no recollection of what made me sad. I have worried myself to the point of panic attacks. I think I may have episodes of SAD in the winter, there was a good three months where I was very depressed.

I am unsure if these symptoms are just my personality, or if I have a mental disorder and need to seek professional help.

Do I Have a Mental Disorder?

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No one needs to live with this level of anxiety and confusion. I’m so sorry you are feeling so distressed.

The simple answer to your question is “yes”. You should seek an evaluation from a mental health counselor. I can’t tell on the basis of your letter if your issues rise to the level of a mental disorder. But a professional can. If you need treatment, the counselor will give you suggestions for next steps. If you don’t need treatment, you will at least get peace of mind, knowing that you are one of the “worried well” people who, like everyone, needs to learn how to better manage social interactions. The counselor can also give you some suggestions for that.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

Do I Have a Mental Disorder?

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