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I No Longer Experience Stress — Even When I Should

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Since I started college in a different state than my home, I isolated myself to focus on school; I decided that I would just focus on academics and not socialize. As a result, I have made no friends in college and there are days, and sometimes weeks, that go by where I don’t talk to a single person. What drove me to continue isolating myself like this was the fact that I was doing well academically. However, I started realizing that all this time in isolation forced me to constantly focus on negative thoughts and I saw a significant decrease in my cognitive ability; things I could previously do quickly in high school took a lot longer now. When I entered the fall semester of my sophomore year in college, the coursework really picked up and I saw myself doing poorly on one exam after another; it really took a toll on me and I just became more and more discouraged after each failure. The day I got a 27/100 on an organic chemistry exam was the day that it all went downhill. From this day onward, I don’t feel stress anymore; stress is what previously drove me to get my work done and do well on exams. My brain is preventing me from focusing now, because of how discouraged I have become. I spend hours upon hours studying, but I’m never efficient because I don’t feel stress; this has become a cycle and is really taking a toll on me. I can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong with me.

I No Longer Experience Stress — Even When I Should

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  I can appreciate you wanting to make school a priority — and can understand why the low test grade was so difficult for you emotionally. Anxiety is a necessary element of performance. It operates like a violin string. If it is too much or too little we don’t aren’t in tune.

The counseling center at your university is used to that his type of reaction with students. They understand what it takes to perform well and can help you get the right balance back. I would make an initial appointment with them and let them know what is happening. They can help.

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I No Longer Experience Stress — Even When I Should

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