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I Seem to Display Many of the Symptoms of Asperger’s

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My wife has a degree in psychology (not practising) and has suspected for some time that I may have Asperger’s. I just took the test that’s widely available online and scored 41/50, which puts me well into the likely range apparently.

I’m not the most socially capable person, and I don’t possess a lot of empathy and also tend to just say what I think most of the time – perhaps being too brutally honest I’m told. I often have to make an effort not to say something that I’m about to say, if I realise in time that it may not be appropriate – although it may seem appropriate to me.

I’d never really considered that I may have Asperger’s until now: I’ve always just thought that I was different from most other people I meet, nothing more than that. I have an IQ of 145 (as tested by MENSA years ago), so I always just thought that I was different because I was more intelligent than most people I meet.

I do have a tendency to explain things to people in minute detail, especially if it’s related to my work with classic cars, even though I guess mostly they’re not that interested, and possibly even, in some cases, incapable of understanding what I’m talking about!

So, how can I find out for sure if I do indeed have Asperger’s?

I Seem to Display Many of the Symptoms of Asperger’s

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Online tests are interesting, but they are rarely reliable or valid. They would never be used by a professional. You should consult a specialist for an evaluation. You would want to choose a professional with the proper credentials and expertise to diagnose autism spectrum disorders. These may include psychologists, LCSW’s or psychiatrists. You might ask your primary care physician or perhaps even your wife for a referral.

It’s also important to remember that mental health professionals vary in their opinions. If you were evaluated by multiple professionals, they may have multiple diagnoses. Psychiatric diagnosis is not an exact science.

Other considerations involve what is motivating you to seek a formal diagnosis. Sometimes, it increases personal self-awareness or directs treatment. It might also assist in your ascertaining employment accommodations and associated supports at work or in the community. Whether or not you seek a formal diagnosis is a personal choice.

I commend your desire to avoid self-diagnosis. It is wise to seek the expertise of a professional. Hopefully this answer helps you know how to proceed. Good luck with your efforts.

Dr. Kristina Randle

I Seem to Display Many of the Symptoms of Asperger’s

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