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My Son Has Been Alienated for the Last Year

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Hi there, my son has been alienated by his father for the last 13 months. It took for the Guardian ad Litem to enforce my ex-husband to put our child in counseling. I have wanted this since the day that my cousin’s daughter taped him confessing that he did everything because his dad and step-mom told him to. My question to you is, how in the world would 3 counseling sessions even do anything for my child? He was released after 3 sessions by a counselor who said that my son is smart. Is this even possible? To help a 12-year old get through this and just diagnose him as being smart? My child is not dumb and knows how to play both myself and his father. Thank you!

My Son Has Been Alienated for the Last Year

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To say that divorce is difficult for families, and particularly for children, would be an understatement. When a married couple splits, they often date and remarry, which further complicates matters. It’s challenging for children of divorced couples to navigate the back-and-forth between the parents and their new partners. It can be a confusing time.

Certainly, there’s much more to the story that could not be included in a question over the internet. Don’t feel bad; it’s the nature of this type of forum but please know that it limits my ability to answer your specific questions.

The therapist may not have believed that counseling would help your son. Not everyone is receptive to counseling. Teenage boys are not often open to discussing their feelings. Your son may not have wanted to share personal information with the therapist. It’s also possible that she did not think that he was benefiting from counseling. Maybe he did not need it or want it. Again, without more information, it is impossible for me to know why it ended only after three sessions.

You also mentioned that she diagnosed him as “smart.” I’m not aware of that being a diagnosis. Perhaps you meant something else.

You might try requesting a new evaluation with a different therapist. A new therapist might be a better match for your son. I would also recommend consulting the Guardian ad Litem, your attorney or the judge for further instruction about how to proceed. One final suggestion might be family counseling. It could help. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

My Son Has Been Alienated for the Last Year

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