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I Think My Sister Has Schizophrenia or Something Similar

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My sister has autism spectrum disorder, she always had problems with depression and anxiety. She always spoke to herself when we were younger, but about a year ago she got hit by a car and fractured her skull in 12 places. And now she’s different, she has violent tendencies and she says she thinks people are talking about her or staring at her when no one is, she thought my mom and aunt were talking about her but we haven’t seen her in over a month so she couldn’t have known at all. She thinks everyone is out to get her. I tried looking up schizophrenia and the stages of it but it doesn’t quite match up. She feels every emotion, she is very caring, but she needs help but won’t get it because she thinks what she’s hearing is true.

I Think My Sister Has Schizophrenia or Something Similar

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Not having interviewed your sister negates my ability to know what might be wrong. You mentioned that she was in a severe accident involving head trauma. It’s possible that she had sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI). There are many examples in the scientific literature where an individual sustains head trauma and subsequently experiences a change in personality. A neurologist or a physician who specializes in TBI could provide insight into her symptoms. Medication and or psychotherapy could help.

Relatedly, you might try joining a support group for family members who have a loved one with TBI. It could be helpful to share your experiences with other people in similar circumstances. Try googling “TBI support groups” and your ZIP Code. There are support groups and organizations worldwide.

Ideally, your sister should be examined by a specialist to determine what might be wrong. An evaluation might uncover the source of her change in personality. Her doctor would be in the best position to treat her symptoms. I hope this helps you know how to proceed. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

I Think My Sister Has Schizophrenia or Something Similar

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