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Do I Have Stockholm Syndrome?

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From a teen in the U.S.: I’ve been told I have stockholm syndrome. I have an old friend that I became close friends with a couple years ago. He suffred from problems of pedophila, and wanting to rape, kidnap, and murder girls.

He wasn’t the brightest person and so he asked me to help him, he took care of me and told me how much he needed my help. Like the horrible person I am I found his favorite type of girls.

We both are in high school, he was going to wait until we graduated to kidnap me and use me as his sex slave, which I loved him for. But he got super abusive and I was okay with it, I don’t know why. He never called me my least favorite word though so I know he cared.

He would ditch me and stop talking whenever I did something wrong, he actually gave me a ring with a heart on it, I had to wear it as a wedding ring, it was a sign of his ownership.

He doesn’t talk to me anymore but I know he is watching me. He will like my profile picture on facebook, or text a friend and ask how im doing. Every time I see his name show up on my phone I want to talk to him. Tell him i’m sorry and I will do better next time. I will obey.

I opened up to a friend about this… He thinks I have stockholm syndrome, but I know that if he came to me and tried to kidnap me I would fight back. I would just go with him like I said I would before.

And although he planned to rape my little sister I never was angry for it. In fact I have nightmares of giving her to him and watching him rape her.

I know I shouldn’t but I miss him, and I still have his jacket, my friend took the ring and I feel naked without it. So I thought maybe he was right. Maybe I have a problem.

Do I Have Stockholm Syndrome?

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Yes. You definitely have a problem. I don’t know enough to call it Stockholm Syndrome. But you did share enough for me to be deeply concerned about you.

This is a very, very dangerous situation. This guy is manipulating you and stalking you. Further, I don’t know what you mean when you say you found him his “favorite girls”. If you helped him hurt kids, you are even more deeply troubled than you believe. That is criminal behavior.

I suspect something happened to you in the past that has made you vulnerable to this guy. That doesn’t make your thoughts and behavior okay. A reason is not an excuse. But it is a place to start for working on your own healing.

I’m very glad you wrote. It indicates to me that you are at least questioning your thinking. Please, please follow through and make an appointment with a mental health counselor to sort this out. If you don’t get some professional help, you are vulnerable to being terribly hurt yourself and, under this guy’s influence, you might help him hurt others. That would ruin other people’s lives as well as yours.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

Do I Have Stockholm Syndrome?

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