Me and my best friend(male)met ten years ago we are now roommates. We have sex regularly. I fell in love. Since then we still sleep together he sleeps with others and lies about where he’s go which I do get jealous. But it’s because he acts like he has to hide it. he knows how I feel he meets other girls then flips out on me when he’s going to meet them. Like he’s guilty. Then he beats me upriver told him if he wants to be with someone go on. He won’t leave he just blames everything on me his whole life. He cuts himself up pretty bad then says it’s because of me puts me down. Threatens my life. Even puts gun to my head but he won’t leave says he won’t lose me. He will kill us both first. I love him so much but I have to leave the house he goes from Jackel to Hyde in sec. He’s going to kill me but I know he needs help. He blames everything on me–even things I wasn’t there He says he don’t feel same way but he says I keep him from being happy with someone but he won’t move on and date anyone I’m not trying to stop him. We can be friends but I can’t watch him with someone else I have to have time.

A: GET OUT NOW. This is an extremely dangerous situation, and you are with someone that is too unstable and violent to have a relationship with. Here is information for you to contact right now to get help.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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