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Should I Seek Inpatient Treatment?

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From a teen in the U.S.: I was wondering what I should do. I am 18 and I just started taking online collage classes. I attempted to go to in person classes but I had panic attacks and I dropped out. For the last two years I only leave my apartment to go to the movie theater and grocery store. I also go to doctors and therapists, but recently my mom and I made the decision to stop trying to find the right fit of therapist and just focus on school. I also am having problems going to my Psychiatrist now.

I live with my mom right now, but I would love to change that in the future. I don’t lnow to work towards that goal though.

I was wondering if going to a two month in patient treatment facility for young adults would help? My official diagnoses are ADHD, Social Phobia, and Depression. I also don’t have any friends and sometimes have trouble feeling safe outside my room. (I am not actually in any danger, I just feel like I am.)

Should I Seek Inpatient Treatment?

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Thank you for writing. I don’t have enough information to venture an opinion about the advisability of an inpatient stay. You say you have been to therapists (“plural”). I suggest that you return to your psychiatrist or the therapist who knows you best for an opinion.

Unfortunately, your diagnosis of social phobia puts you in a bind. You need to talk to your therapist and psychiatrist to get the help you need. But anxiety about talking to people is part of your problem.

I’m concerned that you have seen many helpers. It makes me wonder if one way you deal with your anxiety is to drop a helper, rather than go through the difficult task of talking about what is troubling you about how the work is going. If that’s the case, I think leaving therapy isn’t a wise choice. Rather, you will get more long term relief if you reach deep inside and find the courage and strength to have those conversations. I know it won’t be easy, but I bet you have more strength than you know.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

Should I Seek Inpatient Treatment?

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