It began in middle school after we moved and I put on maybe 5 lb. For the next couple months my weight became the butt of everyone’s jokes, I was 11- 5″1″ and barely 100 lbs. The constant teasing made me hate myself and I began cutting. When they found out I was immediately grounded, no phone, no hangouts, school only. I began getting sick the next year (anemia) my mom refused to take me to the doctor for a whole year and told me that if I ate steak then it wouldn’t even be a problem. My doctors said that I needed a blood transfusion, my mom refused so instead I had to quit sports, fail my classes, and I was so weak I couldn’t walk up the stairs without help. When I realized I was failing I begged her for a tutor and she refused until it was too late. I’m really self conscious about my scars (I have a rare skin disease too) and she forced me to wear a bathing suit and I started crying and she told me I need to learn to get over it because she had it worse. (From Japan)

A: Your mother isn’t giving you adequate treatment and is making medical decisions about your well-being that have hurt you. It is time to take matters into you own hands and stop relying on your mother to make ill-informed, humiliating, and harmful choices about your care.

It is time to get someone else involved. If you have an older sibling, or an aunt or uncle, or a teacher at school talk to them about the need for medical and psychological help. You may also want to talk to the physician that diagnosed your anemia and get him or her to help. The important thing is to take care of yourself and stop letting your mom make decisions that affect your psychological and physical health. It looks like you are near the end of high school and I would strongly recommend making plans to get out and away from your mother. Whether she is acting out of ignorance or malice she has made a series of decision that are hurtful and unhealthy for you.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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