Hey, so recently my first relationship I had ended. At first I was a bit depressed and felt sad but then I just sat and meditated a bit and came to this conclusion: I was not sad. I actually am not sure if I even liked this girl (though I am not saying I didn’t). I realized I am instead feeling frustrated for losing her over a stupid mistake that would’ve been easily avoided and this would’ve continued happily.  I am wondering if there are some ways of getting over this. I do a lot of school work,I have hobbies and a few friends I go out with sometimes, but this feeling sometimes creeps back in for no reason and it just ruins the day (even though it shouldn’t)

A: Thank you for reaching out. It sounds as though you are keeping yourself occupied. I would recommend to continue to stay busy and focused on your school work, hobbies and spending time with friends. You mentioned that you meditate which is a great way to work to become more mindful. I think you would also benefit from possibly exploring your feelings about this relationship with a counselor as it sounds as though you may be experiencing conflicting feelings about it ending.