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My Mum Is Putting Salt Everywhere

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From a teen in England: It started 6 months ago, now I live with my grandparents because of this issue. Basically my mother started getting into card readings and then she started to buy crystals. After that she started to say that our house was haunted and started screaming Jesus quotes in the middle of the night around 11pm to 3am. Then she started to put salt all over the floor and around the sofa and started sleeping there instead of her bed I heard her whispering to herself and she said she wasn’t crazy and just writing a story (which I didn’t believe).

At this point I was 1 week into the summer holidays towards the end of July, she then started coming into my room and asking if she could sleep in my bed because she was scared and poured salt in my bed so i decided to swap rooms with her so i didnt have to sleep in a bed with salt everywhere. Then she suddenly came into my room and said were moving house and going to LA which took me by suprise and left me speechless and upset. She then went on to say we cant bring any of our belongings from that house with us because evil entitys were in them and she said that she would buy everything again. After that she said we were gonna be picked up in another town. We went there and waited for 9 hours. I kept asking when they were gonna come but she kept ignoring me, after the 9 hours had past she ordered a taxi and i asked where we were going but again she never answered till she said to the taxi driver the address of my grandparents then we stayed at there house for 2 weeks,

After that my mother left to stay with her old high school friend and then got married 2 weeks later. I decided to stay with my grandparents and because of this i had to move school and lose everyone i know and start over. I also went back to the house to get some electronics for me and my siblings, I gave my brother his 2DS and my mum lied to my face and said it was broken when i was using it earlier and she put it in the bin. Then she said there was a devil pit under the sink.

My Mum Is Putting Salt Everywhere

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I’m so glad you have grandparents who are able to take you in during this difficult time. I think you know your mother is in trouble. I hope your grandparents can talk her into seeing a doctor. Sometimes behavior like this is actually due to a biological/medical problem. That’s the first thing that needs to be checked out, especially this is a new and sudden change of behavior. If she is medically fine, then she needs a mental health evaluation. You can’t make any of this happen. I hope, I hope that either your mom’s parents or her husband can.

I know the whole situation is terribly hard on you. You have every right to feel angry and scared and upset. I hope you can remember that no one acts like this because she wants to. Something is going on with your mother that she really can’t help.

The best thing you can do right now is to just love her, and focus on dealing with your own situation as best as you can. You can’t control what your mother decides to do. But you can control how you move your life forward.

Focus on finding a way to connect with new school mates. Join a club or team. Figure out how to do well in your new school. Please don’t be shy about asking teachers for help if you don’t understand their expectations or if you find you need a little extra help. Sometimes the subjects in a new school don’t quite match up with what was happening in the old one. This is hard but the way your wrote your letter makes me think you have what it takes to manage it.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

My Mum Is Putting Salt Everywhere

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