Happening quite often now (2-3 time a day). I feel like my mind is not able to process anymore and its going to explode (no headache, but heavyness). I feel very heavy inside. When it’s not happening, i feel nothing, everything normal. But when it starts it feels like the processing power of my brain is limited and the input coming is too much, you will say difficulty in reading or writing but NO, that not it…everything is normal. I am not able to explain it well. My head will start to feel heavy and things become too difficult.

Feeling quite similar to head being held under a hydraulic press or like a pressure cooker with no place for steam to escape. It’s just so vague to explain.

I don’t how to know what problem i am having. Maybe the cause of it is my confusion regarding the career choice, stress about financial problems, or the depression due to loneliness. I can’t tell what is happening to my life and brain. Everything seems to go south.

Coming back to real problem, my forehead seems heavy and very slight pain in forehead. I wouldn’t call it pain as its not near any severe to have any medication. When that happens (processing problem), its comes with slight nausea and questions about my existence. Even writing this I am feeling headache behind the head(occipital) and forehead. It’s just so heavy. (From India)

A:  The brain fog you are describing is sometime a symptom of depression. Since you have described conditions such as career choice, stress about financial problems, and loneliness as potential causes it make sense that you may be feeling the way you do.

I recommend you see some therapy to help sort through the things that are weighing on you. This will help the fog to lift.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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