Just Got out of a year long relationship with kids and potential pregnancies frowning what I’ve gathered I was cheated on for 3 months and was told she aborted her pregnancy (may or may not be true) and there was something with her and my dad talk about running away together and to sum it up I lost who I was/am and still love her and her kids. (From the USA)

A: Whatever this is — it isn’t love. You were cheated on for 3 of the 12 months you were in the relationship, don’t trust that what she says, and are concerned that she is planning to run away with your father.

When someone treats you this poorly and you still feel attraction and desire you need to ask yourself some important questions. First, why hasn’t all this pain moved you away from her? Secondly, is your sense of what love is an unhealthy one?

When this kind of thing has happened people are drawn more to a person’s potential than their reality. They hang onto a relationship because of how they think it should be — not how it is. I believe this is happening with you, and I feel you would do well to ask yourself these questions. Some individual therapy can help and a local therapist is available at the “Find Help” tab at the top of the page.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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