To put it plain my girlfriends parents don’t like nor approve of me. At the moment, we can’t even talk or see each other because she can’t leave the home or use here cell phone. where both still young I’m (19) she’s (17) she’s still in school but I’ve graduated. Her mother doesn’t like that I’m 2 years older and where not the same denomination of Christianity witch I’ve explained that shouldn’t matter but she won’t see past it. I’ve talk to her mother and told her we’ll stay friends till she graduated–but that didn’t happen so now she won’t let me see her I don’t know what to do. I’m willing to talk to them but they won’t have it or give me a chance and know they just call me a creep. We honestly love each other and want to get married when where both done with school but her parents are getting in the way. What do I do? (From the USA)

A:  You’ve done all that you can and now it is time to support your girlfriend in her talking to her parents and explaining to them what it is that she needs. This is hers to deal with and you can support her — but she has to be the one to let her parents know what she wants in her life and then negotiate with them about it.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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