Q: I used to be bulimic and still have binge eating problems.  I get high anxiety sometimes and obsessive over body image.  Whenever I am in a situation where I am uncomfortable, usually being alone at night, or depressed or bored I binge eat.  Any techniques to prevent this?

A: I would recommend educating yourself about mindfulness techniques. There is growing evidence to support the positive impact mindfulness can have on both anxiety and eating habits. Becoming more mindful will in turn help you become more attuned to your body. This will help you get in touch with what your triggers are. Becoming more present and aware of what it is that is triggering you or why you are feeling anxious can help prevent a binge episode.

I would also recommend finding a therapist to process difficult emotions you have been experiencing. It is likely that your binge episodes are acting as an escape mechanism or an avoidance technique to prevent you from sitting with these emotions. Working through them in therapy will aid you in learning how to sit with your feelings rather than acting out through binge eating. I wish you the best of luck.

– Dr. Mimi