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Trouble Trusting My Therapist

It took me a very long time to learn to trust my therapist. Recently my trust has been shaken. It’s complicated but I feel like I have trouble making myself understood, and sometimes I feel like my therapist is patronizing me, and that my therapist is tolerating me rather than appreciating me. I got into the habit of emailing my therapist between appointments when I became anxious or melancholy, and my therapist would tell me that we could talk about it at my next appointment.  I recognize that I have issues and things to work through, but when these issues come up I feel crowded, and I feel like I’m being pressed to change my viewpoint when I think I would like have room to think. Part of me doesn’t want to return to therapy.  Part of me wants to go back, but if I did return I think I would like to tell my therapist: I think I need to be more careful about what I share.  I recognize that I shouldn’t email my therapist between appointments, because its asking her to work for free and I should be able to deal with things myself.  I want to take things slowly and ease back into therapy.  What do you think?

Trouble Trusting My Therapist


I encourage you to share these thoughts and feelings directly with your therapist. Therapy is most effective when there is honesty and trust within the relationship. If you feel that you must withhold from your therapist, I would encourage you to explore directly with her why that is and what it is about her responses and her interactions with you that leads you to feel that way. I wish you the best of luck.

– Dr. Mimi

Trouble Trusting My Therapist

Dr. Mimi Shagaga

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