Anxious Cough

Don’t know is this is the right place to ask but I’ve had a bad cough sporadically throughout the years. It only occurs when I’m having stressful or anxious thoughts. Mainly whenever I’m anxious is when it occurs. I have

Am I Going Crazy?

From a teen in the U.S.: So I recently just started so see a new psychologist who was quite terrible as mine has gone on a long holiday. I have anxiety depression and from what I thought depersonalisation. It is

I Have Psycho Fantasies

I’ve thought about killing. I’ve always wanted to beat some one until they were black and blue and bloody. I’ve wanted to taste blood from people. Ive never felt anything towards anyone except my dog. I’ve wanted to kill everyone

Onion Phobia

I can’t even take a look at onion and garlic. I can’t bear with their smells and can’t touch them. Since I’m getting married soon, I am afraid because I don’t know how to cook for my husband since I