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Is Talking to Myself Normal?

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From a 13 year old boy in the U.S.: So I started talking to myself when I was about 6 or 7. I’ve always felt a little bit psychic. Which has nothing to do with this I think. But everytime, a week before a loved one of mine dies, without notice. I get a dream, which I wake up crying and the dream tells me I should start treating this person right, and outta nowhere. EXACTLY a week later the person dies. On from that, I have always talked to myself.

I just had a case of talking to my self and just started wondering if it was normal. It mainly happens when I am bored and have nothing to do. I was just riding my scooter and I got bored so I talked to myself. It consisted of me acting like 4 different personalities all with a different accent. Like, the dispatcher as a british man. The fellow police officers as scottish. Just many personas. I can hop out and be normal anytime I want but is this normal? I dont know if acting like different people is normal. But sure enough, sometimes, I act like I’m people talking to each other debating about stuff, arguing, ect.

Is this normal? Is this leading to any condition? I dont think its a habit. Because when I feel like doing it, I lose sense of my surroundings and mainly focus on the conversation. I was riding my scooter while doing it and someone was sitting around the corner and I got scared when they said “Hey there!” I didnt even know they were there. Is it normal?

Is Talking to Myself Normal?

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I don’t know how to explain the psychic incidents. It may be that you have exquisite powers of observation, and that you notice things unconsciously that other people don’t notice. Or it may be a “gift”. As far as I know, no one has yet explained exactly why some people seem to intuit things that others don’t.

Highly creative, imaginative people often talk to themselves. Ask anyone who writes or who is in theatre. There’s nothing wrong with it unless doing it when riding causes an accident! I suspect you might have the talent to be a novelist or screen writer. It’s something to at least explore.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

Is Talking to Myself Normal?

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