I am 14 years old. I am in 8th grade. For the past year I have had more and more thoughts of killing people. Every day these thoughts and urges get worse and now I have a constant pounding headache accompanied by dizziness and nausea. I want to know why I am having these thoughts and urges because I have a few good friends and I am happy about that. Now I have this gnawing paranoia that someone will find out about these thoughts and try to put me in a mental hospital. Another thing that worries me is that I almost tried to kill someone. I know I need help but I don’t like being separated from my friends and family.

A: You did the right thing by reaching out to Psych Central about these thoughts and urges. I know the thought of being separated from your friends and family is scary, but I highly encourage you to talk to your family about this. The fact that you wrote us and expressed fear about harming someone indicates that you have genuine concern about doing so. It is important that you seek psychological evaluation from a professional.

– Dr. Mimi