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Can I Have Both OCD and Bipolar?

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From Egypt: I was diagnosed with OCD by my doctor and I am sure I have OCD but I have some other symptoms that my doctor said that I have also bipolar disorder and he told me in advanced level of master studies OCD is related to bipolar disorder but I am doubtful so I will tell you these additional symptoms and tell me please if that bipolar or not

1. excessive fantasizing or maladaptive daydreaming

2. I make sad stories about me in my mind that made me cry but the most important part in these stories is that all the world must know what is happening to me ,you know like the world see a movie about my life or the world see what is happening to me on T.V (of course the imagined life story)

3. sometime I imagine myself with a personality with certain traits and other time I imagine myself a person with personality with the contrary traits (ex. I imagine myself as a romantic person with women and other time I imagine myself as aggressive person with women) and sometimes I feel I need the both traits and sometimes not all my fantasies about one concept which is (the need for attention)…I always imagine myself as a hero or as a victim, I have to be the core of focus of others attention in my day dreams

4. something may happen in real world that make me imagine talking to a certain person for a certain purpose in my mind but suddenly I found myself talking to myself in real world (ex.I got angry from someone so I go away from him but I imagine blaming him for the bad thing he did…but suddenly I found myself say the blaming speech to myself in the real world not only in imagination )and sometime I do moves with my talking in real world (ex.I do angry hand moves when I blaming the person in my mind

5. all my daydreams and fantasies focus on fighting, violence, girls, hero, sacrifice, bravery
I feel I attracted to lots of girls to the point I found myself I am not inbalance and I cannot determine who I will marry in the future

7.I feel I am low in confidence and I have several fears like I fear to drive my car

Can I Have Both OCD and Bipolar?

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I’m sorry, I can’t answer your question about diagnosis without talking to you in person. But I can tell you that it probably isn’t helpful to be spending time on labeling yourself. Instead, I hope you will work with your doctor to relieve your considerable distress. For some reason, you are withdrawing into the world of fantasy and imagination instead of dealing with real every day life. I’m sure there is a good reason but the methods you are using to deal with whatever it is aren’t working.

I urge you to work with your doctor to get to the root of the problem and to find new and happier ways to manage whatever challenges are in your way. You deserve a better life.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

Can I Have Both OCD and Bipolar?

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