My dad calls me names. He has called me retarded, a runt, and dyslexic, and says I have chicken arms. My brother is special needs so he has some behavioral issues. In the morning I am supposed to make sure he gets breakfast and I can’t even knock and then go into his room without him yelling get out and calling me stupid or something. A behavior specialist told us to have him write 10 sentences if he is rude or does not follow directions. One time he yelled at me so I told him to write his sentences, but he said he only wanted to write 5. My mom has told me that if we do not follow through on this his behavior will just get worse, especially if I let him do what he wanted and only write 5 sentences. My dad was right there and didn’t want to hear my brother argue, so he said he could do 5. I got upset because its frustrating having to do deal with my brother’s bad behavior a lot. I went into my room and my dad came in and got within like 2 inches of my face and started screaming at me about how I needed to listen to him and stuff. I was scared because I actually thought he might hit me, but he didn’t. Ever since I was little my parents would yell and argue with each other all the time. Now they barely talk and don’t sleep in the same room and now my mom is cheating on my dad. I also have social anxiety and sometimes my mom tells me to go into the store and get something by myself, I ask her if she can do it. Instead of asking me what’s wrong or why I don’t want to, she screams and calls me a baby and says I need to learn to grow up. When we are at home she sometimes gets in these moods where she just screams for no reason. I just say mom and she’ll turn around and yell what do you want and look all irritated.

A: At 16 years old you have quite a bit of responsibility without a lot of support in your home. I would strongly encourage you to talk to your guidance counselor at school and ask him or her to help you get some counseling for yourself. You will need this person as an advocate for your well-being and counseling. He or she can help you negotiate with them for your own therapy.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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