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Voices/Thoughts in Head Causing Headaches When There Is Silence

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So… I am not sure what it is. I think it’s good to say that I have migraine with aura in general(for which I take not-so-useful pills). Which made me think it could be it? Yet, I am doing fine again once there is some music/someone talking to me/a distraction. Otherwise I keep hearing my thoughts and other thoughts which I’m sure are mine too. I answer to them because it, then, sometimes stops them. But it recently got out of hand as they are getting noisier and messier. When I ask for silence it just gets louder. The headache goes better when I talk out loud but I can’t just talk to myself in the streets and everywhere… I don’t know how to calm this down. And I don’t know what’s up. I really wish some quiet, a light head.Even though, I happen to feel less alone when talking to myself, feeling like I always have someone(which, by the way, is always commenting what I do/think(I often insult myself in my head to stay grounded) but is also a good/funny friend), since I can’t keep being alone/doing nothing too long. (Boredom often gives me headaches too) It’s confusing. Thank you for reading if read.

Voices/Thoughts in Head Causing Headaches When There Is Silence

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This is a question you should ask the professionals treating your migraines. You mentioned taking medication. You might need a medication adjustment. The specific doctors treating your migraines would likely know how to help.

In addition, you might also consult a therapist to learn relaxation strategies. These might include deep breathing exercises, yoga and meditation practices. There are many benefits to learning how to relax. These skills might help to reduce your headaches and overall improve your well-being. Thank you for your question.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Voices/Thoughts in Head Causing Headaches When There Is Silence

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