I have a history of psychotic depression, but currently I am okay aside from feeling a bit low (not depressed though). My issue is that I feel like there is something seriously, mentally wrong with me. All the time. Just the way I feel and think about things is odd. However, this issue doesn’t cause me anxiety or fear… just something I accept about myself. However, I am constantly wondering what exactly is wrong with me or why I feel so different. I also have obsessions about things – usually I will become obsessed with something/someone/an idea and it will occupy my thoughts for months at a time until I move on to the next obsession. Again, these obsessions don’t cause me any anxiety or fear but I just spend a lot of my unoccupied time thinking about them. (From the UK)

A:  The very fact that you are able to manage yourself and notice these feelings is a very good thing. To be able to witness and care for yourself is an important skill, and your concern about your well-being is, in itself, the most important trait to nurture.

As you are seeing these symptoms of obsessions, odd thoughts, and moods, the part of you that is witness to all these experiences is what you want to support. Looking after this part of you is important because it can see what is happening and has the desire to correct it.

I think having some individual therapy where you talk about developing this part of you as you reduce the symptoms would be very helpful.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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