Hello, I am a female that just turned eighteen in the United States. Thank you for listening to my problems. :)

Since I am still trying to get into college, and find a job, and get out of my dad’s home…I don’t have money and have no idea how to get a therapist. (my father refused to get me one as a child, saying that I didn’t need one…even though he knows I’ve GAD…)

On the same topic as my father, my family….is interesting. To explain the whole confusion will take way more than 400 words so the important parts that screw me over.

Mom’s side (my mom and her uncle along with my twin sister is like my only support there) has grandparents who hate my guts and always insult me, my other uncle who is…interesting, a cousin that wants to rape me, his mom that thinks that’s cute (…really…), and I’m constantly trying to get his sister away from him since he abuses her (thank god he doesn’t rape her)

Dad’s side has my dad who is way too protective over EVERYBODY that’s a woman (his coworkers are even like WTF), my stepmom that thinks she knows everything but really doesn’t, my grandmother whose slowly dying but has destroyed my mother’s life, and everybody else who thinks I should just grow up and stop having f*cking panic attacks whenever they go into my room without warning.

So, yeah, it’s complicated, and I kinda have no money to say screw you and get away from all of them. So I have no idea what to do and I’m stressing out because I can’t find a job and no college will accept me and I’m freaking out now since I just feel trapped in this situation and I’ve to spend the little money I’ve saved up on my constant medical problems and uuuurrrggghhhhh. I don’t know what to do with my life anymore.

Do you have any advice how to get out of here? Because I’m stuck in a place I don’t want to be in…and so worried that somebody in my family will see this and punish me again for trying to find so help in this messed up life of mine.

A:  You need a plan. I would highly recommend you talk to the woman’s center/teen center to get some assistance from outside your family. If you are still in high school I would recommend you talk to you high school counselor about college alternatives and jobs. Get help from those who have seen and heard this kind of problem before and who have resources to help you. Many of the counseling centers have low or no cost therapy option and you can do the leg work to figure out which has the services you need.

It doesn’t sound like your family can offer you much support, so find it elsewhere. At 18 you have the ability to start crafting the life you want, and the first thing I’d recommend to to create a support system outside of your interesting family.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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