Hello, I have an issue where whenever I do something stupid or wrong I hear my voice in my head telling me bad things about myself. For example, earlier today I had to stop drawing because my voice was telling me “You can’t do anything right.” “You should just go cut(or)kill yourself.” I don’t know if it’s just my depression or a part of having dissociative identity disorder. I just want it to stop because it really effects my already low esteem. (From the USA)

A:  Thank you for having the courage to write about these symptoms. There is definitely help for this, and I will encourage you to talk to your parents about wanting to talk to a psychologist or psychiatrist. He or she can help you get tools to help deal directly with those voices so your self esteem can fight back. If your parents are unwilling to make that appointment then talk about this with your high school counselor. They are also in a very good position to help.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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