Hello,I have an issue with my fingers. I usually do moving my fingers of the Right hand. I love to do drawing with design and fonts. Therefore, I usually do move my fingers in the air, that is, I do drawing of various designs related to the fonts. I also do draw my signature many times while I do move my fingers in the air. Is this a mental disease or a normal thing which usually happens with many other people? Thank you. (From India)

A:  It is very hard to know for sure, and my thoughts certainly are not a diagnosis of any kind, but there are some conditions, like myoclonus, which involve twitching of the fingers in patterns. If the movement isn’t deliberate then I would highly recommend an evaluation by a neurologist. The description you have given is not typical, and I believe someone skilled in understanding neurological issue could provide a helpful consultation.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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