From Australia: My cats are causing me extreme stress I’m a huge animal lover but since suffering PTSD following a MVA my personality has changed and I’m constantly anxious of them destroying my things and always angry at them but I don’t know how to deal with the guilt of rehoming them – telling the breeders and my friends, etc., and with the loneliness I’ll feel it’ll be a peaceful home but empty. I appreciate any help you can offer

A: It sounds to me like you are doing all you can do to take care of yourself, without the responsibility of taking care of animals the way you know they deserve to be cared for.

I wonder if you know someone who could foster your pets for awhile while you get yourself back together. If not, contact your local animal shelter for a recommendation. If you foster your pets, you can reclaim them when you feel better.

Meanwhile, I hope you will do what you need to do to recover. A therapist will help you work through the trauma and settle the anxiety. You deserve the support and help.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie