I feel like we’re nearing the end of my therapy, and my therapist keeps asking me ‘how i feel about our relationship’ cause he insists i shut off when we touch that topic. I think i shut off because i have no answer and his insistence on that is making me uncomfortable to the point that I wanna quit, because I just don’t understand what he’s getting at at all.

A. There is no way for me to know why your therapist keeps asking about your “relationship.” Only he will be able to answer your question. My best advice is to ask him what he means.

It’s unclear why the topic makes you uncomfortable or why it would lead to you wanting to quit. It’s possible that this is a misunderstanding, but, without discussing it with him, you might never get to the heart of the problem.

Communication is notoriously difficult. Often, what we say is misinterpreted and understood differently by others. We assume that people understand our words and their meaning is clear but we should never believe that assumption. It is always safer to expect that miscommunication will occur.

The two of you are obviously not on the “same page.” Clarification is needed. This can be corrected by making him aware of the problem and addressing it directly.

Be honest about your feelings and once you do, you might find that this problem is easily rectified. Best of luck to you.

Dr. Kristina Randle