My boyfriend is in complete denial about his disorder. I’ve tried telling him he needs to talk to a professional but he always say he’s fine and doesn’t need help. I’m planning to write a letter to him saying goodbye since I’m moving away to another city. What are some things I should write in the letter? Are there things that a Bipolar person wants to hear (or not hear)? And how can I tell him that I want him to get help? (for the last time). (From New Zealand)

A:  Both what to say — and equally important, what not to say — is covered more deeply by these two articles. The more important thing is that you are moving away and the best path for you to take is to talk about what didn’t work for you in the relationship and what did. This will help keep your discussion focused on you, which is always the best way to say goodbye.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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