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Do I Have Schizophrenia or Is It Something Else?

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From a teen in the U.S.: I am a 14 year old girl and I can’t figure out why I hear voices. Each voice sounds different and it sounds like it’s coming from inside my head. There are 10 voices in all and frequently speak to me and each other, each has its own name and such. Nine of them are males and one is a girl. Most are nice and only really comment on things i’m doing or mainly talking to each other. One of them, named Greg, is not really mean but has raped one of the other voices. Greg and I don’t interact much but it worries me to know he’s there. One of them, Dion, is constantly telling me to re do things and if I don’t bad things will happen. Like this one time, I stepped over a crack with my right foot and he told me to get back in the car and walk back because I did it wrong and when I didn’t he told me that the car would crash and i would die.

I try to tell my parents what i’m going through because it does cause stress, but they don’t believe me which makes it worse. Sometimes it feels like they can control me and make me say or do things that I wouldn’t, like washing my hands three times. The main problem is that they talk so much to each other and its distracting, and it’s making me less social.

My mom tells me that I need to find friends because i don’t have any but I don’t want anyone else bothering me because of this, and I frequently speak out loud to them and i’m scared people will think i’m crazy. My parents won’t take me to counseling or anything because they think i’m lying and i’m home schooled so i cant tell a teacher. I just need advice on what this could be and what i should do.

Do I Have Schizophrenia or Is It Something Else?

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I can’t make a diagnosis on the basis of a letter. But I can tell you that you are right to be concerned. So am I. Since you didn’t give me any information about your background and history, I can’t even venture a guess.

I’m very sorry your parents won’t take you for at least an evaluation by a counselor. If you haven’t told them everything you told me, it might be helpful if you showed them your letter. Yes, you may simply have a very, very vivid imagination. You may have created “friends” since you don’t have any. But it’s also possible that there is something else going on. A one time visit to a qualified counselor would let your parents know which is which. I hope you will consider sharing your letter to us with your parents. Maybe the details you gave us will help them reconsider their position on seeing a counselor.

If not (and since you are home-schooled), you need to look for other adults to help you talk to your folks. Is there a grandparent or other member of the extended family you trust enough to talk to? Your pediatrician is another option. If your family attends a church, the pastor might be helpful.

While you sort this out, I encourage you to use the hotline at Boys Town. Don’t be put off by the name. Girls use the service too. Here’s the website: Counselors there are available 24/7 to talk to teens like you. You can chat online or in person. It is free and confidential.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

Do I Have Schizophrenia or Is It Something Else?

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