I am 15, and I think I may be sociopathic. A part of me has always thought that something was off about me, so I did some googling and ended up reading articles about sociopaths and the symptoms of being one.

What I read, I really related with. For example, sociopaths have superficial charm, and are manipulative. My friends all say I am super sweet and kind, but I know as a fact it is not genuine.

Also I’m very manipulative, but in a subtle way.

When me and my sister argue, I almost always win, whether I am right or not, and will say what needs to be said to get there. Sometimes the arguments get pretty bad and she will start crying, but it has no effect on me.

I often mentally isolate myself from people. I think I’m superior than everyone. To me, people seem like robots, or just pieces of a game. Sometimes I just get impulsively angry for no reason. I conceal it, obviously. But sometimes I feel like the only way to get rid of that anger is to just hit something, or someone.

I’ve been known to make decisions without thinking first, and I’m very prideful. I hate to say sorry, a few exceptions, however. I’m a realist, if that has anything to do with it.

A couple people have often called me heartless. And in the past year or so I have been questioning whether I actually feel love or not. Like, I know that I should love my sister, my parents, friends, etc, but when I think of those people there are no emotions attached to them. I don’t think I really know what love feels like.

Those are a few examples. But I didn’t relate with every single characteristic stated in some articles, so it makes me think I just have sociopathic tendencies, rather than being an actual sociopath. (From Canada)

A:  I don’t know that labels help that much when it comes to the kind of symptoms and reactions you are having. So I wouldn’t label them as sociopathic. Rather, I would say that these reactions are causing you distress and they concern you. I would say your lack of emotion and contrasting angry reactions, lack of regret, and poor impulse control (not thinking through decisions) is the range of emotional reactions that might best be served in group therapy. Being in a group with your peers would help you learn more about why these things happen — and what you may want to do about them. I would talk to your school’s guidance counselor to get an idea of what groups might be available for someone your age.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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