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My Parents Might Ruin My Siblings’ Lives

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At this point I don’t know what to do for my parents. My dad belittles everyone in our household for having a different political opinion than him and is constantly trying to start fights with us as if his goal is to make us cry to prove a misguided opinion that all liberals are “special snowflakes.”

My mom gets explosively angry when something minor goes wrong. If a single dish is left unwashed she calls everyone out to reprimand us for being lazy while she herself leaves dishes everywhere and expects us all to clean up after her. It doesn’t help that my two year old brother has developed a love of drawing on her paperwork. She almost mentally checked out from us. I’m surprised that she haven’t tried to run away and leave us like she has threatened to time and time again. She has almost given up on raising us and taking care of my littlest brother, instead she watched Netflix all day leaves my dad alone to take care of our small and failing business.

I wasn’t too worried about all of this because I will be moving out within the next two years, but I realized that my three younger siblings will be left alone to deal with this mess if I leave. I know that I have issues because of the situation but I don’t have the time nor the funds to see someone about them so I just have to tough it out, but I certainly don’t want my siblings to have to tough it out. They deserve to be loved and cherished but everyone in the house seems to hate each other and I don’t know what to do to help them. My parents are too stubborn to see a therapist or to divorce so and I have no other ideas. I have already read countless other articles saying that you cant make someone get help, but unless I find a way to make them get help my siblings will end up hurting like me. Please, I need some advise. (From the USA)

My Parents Might Ruin My Siblings’ Lives

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  This is too much for you to manage alone. While I appreciate your concern for your siblings, you’ll want to get some help in dealing with this. It says that you are a student so I would encourage you to talk to the counselors at your university. They can help you sort things through. If you need help locally this listing will help you find low or no cost treatment in your area. You’ve taken the first important step here reaching out for help. Now it is time to get someone at the local level to support you.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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My Parents Might Ruin My Siblings’ Lives

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