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My Mom Is Cheating

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From a teen in Egypt: Hello, i hope you would help me to pass this problem. my father is working in another country from when i was 8 years old. my mom would keep me in a room and lock it and i hear a weird voice, she would keep me naked in a bathroom without any clothes or towels because she know i will never open the door because i’m shy, she would give me medicines and sleeping pills. one day i wasn’t sure what my mom was doing until the door was slightly opened and i knew who the man was !. this made me know what everything and what she was doing, until now mom found a new guy and she do horrible things on the telephone and i’m i afraid that my younger brother who is 7 now would hear her.

The problem is that i will travel for college in a few months and i don’t want my brother to be in the same situation from when i was younger. i will never accept that he will be in my place and how it made my depressed in my childhood and how i hate life. and how long i cried and made my pillow so wet. and from crying sometimes it made me can’t breath. i’m so afraid about him. and although i tried talking to mom she always shout at me and make me look like a lier. Please help me and thanks

My Mom Is Cheating

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No kid should have to live this way. It’s inappropriate and probably illegal. Unfortunately, I don’t know what resources are available to you in Egypt. In the United States, child protective services could get involved as a way to help your brother.

I’m glad you tried to talk to your mother. That’s the first step, but I’m not surprised that it didn’t help. She has quite literally kept you in the dark for years.

You didn’t mention whether you have talked to your father about the situation. Does he know how his children are being treated? Is it possible that he could take your brother to be with him? I suspect your mother will be angry if you talk to your dad. But if talking to him is the only possible way to protect your brother, it might be worth putting up with her shouting.

I’m afraid that I just don’t have enough information about what is possible where you live. Perhaps a relative or your school counselor does know. Don’t feel you need to keep your mother’s secrets. There are some secrets that shouldn’t be kept and mistreating children is one of them.

If there is no immediate way to get help — you can take the long view. Go to school. Stay in regular contact with your brother through social media so he knows he has a sister who loves him and cares. Get good grades so you can get a good job. Then consider taking your little brother to live with you.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

My Mom Is Cheating

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