My friend sometimes Changes 180 Degrees , he/she acts sometimes unnaturally they ruin on themselves sometimes

Example : they had a good job once and suddenly he/she in front of his/her boss he/she ripped there own new contract in front of his/her boss and Told the boss to give it to someone else . What’s weird is my friend says they have no memory of doing this they resigned themselves from their job and he/she does not remember (!) and I know that he/she would never do that and he/she keeps crying over it and says that he/she doesn’t remember at all is there some kind of similar things could happen to other people? (From Jordan)

A:  This sounds extreme and is not a normal reaction that others experience regularly. The acting out and not remembering are symptoms that should be checked by a physician. I would offer to go with your friend to get a complete physical to see what is going on. You friend might appreciate your concern and willingness to go to the appointment.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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