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Why Does Nobody Like Me?

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From an 11 year old in the U.S.: Everyone at school has friends, but I dont even. I try to talk to them and join into their conversations, but they ignore me like im nonexistent. I also like nothing they do, but I WANT to, so I always search online about it to no avail. I’m very very sad… I have no one to talk to. I also am better at talking to girls, than boys, for some reason. I never had a friend, and I constantly switch shools. I need help.

Why Does Nobody Like Me?

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Switching schools a lot makes things difficult for a kid. I receive many letters like yours from kids whose parents are in the military or who move a great deal due to their jobs. You are certainly not alone in your problem.

I don’t think people don’t like you. My guess is that they don’t know you. Being young, they also don’t necessarily know how to welcome a new kid. It may not seem fair, but that does mean that it’s up to you to work on this, perhaps with few results at first.

Yes. Ultimately you should be accepted for yourself. But sometimes it takes some compromising in order to help people be comfortable. The first thing to do, then, is to observe the other kids in your grade. What topics do they seem most interested in? Do your best to fit in by learning more about what fascinates the kids in your grade so you’ll have something to add to a conversation.

Secondly: Join things. Join a team or a club or an activity where there are other kids your age. The neat thing about an activity is that people are more focused on what they are doing than on each other. By working or playing with the other kids, they will get to know you without the pressure being on the relationship.

And third: Talk to the school guidance counselor. He or she will probably know what it takes for a new kid to find friends. Ask for advice. Listen, even if you don’t like some of the feedback. It’s up to you, then, to decide whether the advice is something you want to follow.

With time, a little work, and a lot of patience, things usually do get better.

I wish you well,
Dr. Marie

Why Does Nobody Like Me?

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