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My husband molests me while I sleep

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On several occasions over the last year I have woken up to find my husband touching me sexually. Just to be clear: please do not misunderstand and think that he is trying to wake me up. In fact, I have pretended to be asleep and noticed that if I stir or show any signs of waking up he will then stop what he is doing.

I have confronted him about this a few times now. I explained to him that it is not appropriate, that it makes me feel terrible, and that it changes my dreams. In fact, once I was suddenly raped in my dream my a friend of mine because my body was responding to what my husband was really doing (I’m a pretty heavy sleeper). He keeps promising me it will never happen again. He has used several ‘reasons’ (ie. he thought I was having a sex dream the time that I was raped in my dream) but I don’t really buy that and never have. The last two times I have moved into our guest room for a few nights but then eventually I forgive him and stupidly think he will change.

What should I do? Is there a reason that he would be doing this? I feel guilty and ashamed even though this is all initiated by him. I could never admit this to family or friends, but yet I know its putting a strain on my marriage. Is there a term or something for what he’s doing? I am so confused and I am feeling very hurt.

My husband molests me while I sleep

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You do not like what your husband is doing, you have asked him to stop, he promises he will, and then he goes ahead and does it anyway. Even moving out of the bedroom hasn’t had an impact!

It does not matter what this is called. What matters is that he is repeatedly betraying your trust for some “thrill” of trying to get away with something. You’ve explained to him that you are aware that this is going on, and you are not consenting to it. This marriage can not last on these terms. If the two of you want to try to save your marriage, my best suggestion is that you get yourselves to a marriage counselor and see if you can figure this out. It is obvious you are not getting to a mutually satisfying agreement on your own.

According to Psychology Today’s website, “Intimate partner sexual violence is different from supportively encouraging one’s partner to be more adventurous sexually or playing mutually pleasing sex games. IPSV survivors describe incidents that do not resemble mutually agreed-upon playful sex; they describe nonconsensual acts characterized by fear, dread, and pain.”

“Let’s be clear: Sex without consent is no less wrong or harmful if perpetrated by a victim’s partner or spouse than by someone she does not know. In fact, some researchers have found that IPSV may result in longer-term effects than rape by a stranger (McOrmond-Plummer, Easteal & Levy-Peck, 2017).”

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

My husband molests me while I sleep

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