I have been diagnosed with depression. I noticed it when i was 15 and went to 2/3 sessions of counselling where i felt uncomfortable talking to someone and quickly left. It was only around the age of 17 i was diagnosed and given medication. Although i am taking my medication and no longer feeling/attempting suicide, I still feel (or lack of) the same as before. I feel as though my emotions are dulled, I rarely get angry and when something good happens i cant seem to feel happy/excited. Normally, this hasn’t bothered me but recently my granddad died, i loved my granddad i was very fond of him and him of me yet when he died, i was not upset. The same thing happened with my nan years before when she passed, i was not upset and only cried because it was what my sisters had responded and seemed the appropriate reaction. Is this normal with depression? (From the UK)

A: I appreciate how difficult it can be to cope with unwanted feelings. I would do two things. First, since you are already on the medication, I would talk to the person prescribing it and ask if it may need to be adjusted. Over time medicines may lose their impact — and with the recent loss a reevaluation sounds right.

Secondly, I’d give talk therapy a try again. This time you may want to find a counselor that specializes in grief as this is your current concern. The shift in focus on what you are talking about and your age now may change how you react to the process.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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