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I Think I Have OCD

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…but it seems different to other experiences people have with it on this site. I think i may have OCD but i am slightly confused as it is very area based. The type of OCD that certain items ahve to be in the right place. I also do a lot of mental counting. Such as the fact that I have to do everything either 3,4,9,10+ (not 13) times. Everyday i have to do these counting and moving rituals although some days are worse than others. Some days i have no control but some days i have more control over them. Individually these rituals do not take long but when added toughener they take up about 30 minutes. It vary a lot by each day)(I have never really counted and so this is just a guess) of my day. For example when i am going to be I always have a certain pattern that can take quite long. I can also get quite distressed if i do not do these rituals. These reasons i am saying this and not looking at other, already answered questions is that it is very area based. I only get the moving and organizing rituals at my house. Anywhere else and I do
not get them. Even the counting rituals are not as bad. But when i get home they suddenly all come back. I am speaking about it now as i used to just think that i was just an organized person but i am thinking now that because i have little control over my obsessions that it may be OCD. I feel like if i do not do my obsession then something bad will happen. Such as my house burning down, family member getting ill or something bad happening to another human/animals. I have certain images stuck in my head that make me do the rituals, otherwise the images will come true. When writing those words i feel anxiety rise up. I also get lot of other small obsessions. Too many to count. For example so are how i look at video online, i cannot skip backwards and this can very annoying. I is as though i have another brain telling my what to do.


My obsessions and rituals are:

1)Avoiding some numbers.
2)Certain things have to be in certain places
3)The obsessions mainly affect me at home
4)Lots of smaller rituals

I Think I Have OCD

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It sounds like these symptoms have been an ongoing struggle and I admire how you have been able to cope. Although different from what you may have read on the site, your summary actually includes elements that all have OCD elements.

What I would suggest is to have an evaluation by a qualified clinical psychologist or psychiatrist who can help you obtain a diagnosis, rule out other possibilities — and suggest treatment options. This way you won’t have to guess and get some answers to alleviate the symptoms.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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I Think I Have OCD

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