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I’m Upset about the Recent Unprofessionalism of My Psychiatrist

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From the U.S.: Im upset about the recent unprofessionalism of my Psychiatrist. He asked how I was doing, I said I was “fine, besides worrying about being thrown into Russian prison camps”, and that “Im just trying to keep busy.”

He then proceeded to go on a tirade about how successful and wealthy Trump is. He (the Dr.) doesnt want murderers and rapists and thieves allowed into our country! He wants them deported! I pointed out how inept Trump’s cabinet appointments are, and How afraid I am of their actions. He told me people like me are jealous of their success and wealth.”They must be good at what they do, if they’re Rich and successful.” Again, I’m jealous.

How can a doctor, 1. Say this, to someone with an actual, legitimate anxiety? And 2. How can he ignore all of the “indicators” of deception, in their actions, body language, facial expressions, phrases, all of it? He is supposed to be trained to see through deceptive demeanor. Also, to imply that anyone who isnt wealthy, is so, because they are not good at what they do, is classist, and “racist”, against the most typical of Americans.

My husband heard him from the waiting room. The receptionist, just sighed and said “oh, you dont want to go there with Dr. X” Well I didnt go there. He asked about my anxiety. All he should have said was,”Dont worry, it will be fine. keep yourself busy, keep accomplishing things,It will be fine, you will see” I feel as if that was the only appropriate response to my comment.

I have low enough self esteem. I have enough anxiety, and depression and anger. I dont need my Dr telling me im unsuccessful because I’m not wealthy. I honestly dont know what to do. Im finally in”a good place”with my meds. Every time I change Dr.s, because of a change in our ins. I have to start over. They always think they have a “better cocktail”

HE brought up Trump. HE kept the discussion going. He was kind of teasing me through most of it,(not the immigrant part) He wasnt aggressive. (except the immigrant part) He was Loud, but I cannot say he was in any way….intimidating. However, it is still completely inappropriate and unacceptable.

I honestly dont know what to do. Changing pshyc’s is such an ordeal. But can I stay with a dr who is so classist, and clueless?

I’m Upset about the Recent Unprofessionalism of My Psychiatrist

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You’re absolutely correct. Your psychiatrist “lost it”. His outburst was both unprofessional and unacceptable. None of the discussion was necessary or helpful to your mental health.

That being said: Doctors are human. Sometimes they make mistakes. Sometimes their own stress gets the better of them. You inadvertently encouraged the conversation by stating another point of view.

In your situation, I’d be deciding whether the success of the current medication and the undesirability of starting over with someone else outweighs the possibility of having to put up with future outbursts. If you only see him every few months for medication, not for counseling, maybe you can ignore the negative experience and resist the temptation to engage in such a conversation if he brings it up again.

If, however, he’s been your therapist as well, I hope you will consider a change to someone who you feel is more respectful of professional boundaries and who won’t stress you by insisting on opinions you find offensive.

Your treatment is for you, not for your treater. It’s absolutely okay for you to take care of yourself by moving on.

I wish you well,
Dr. Marie

I’m Upset about the Recent Unprofessionalism of My Psychiatrist

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