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Anxiety / Depression?

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I don’t really know I haven’t been diagnosed I just don’t feel normal. I feel like my whole life probably mainly since the start of school I’ve struggled to connect with people and be myself. I feel like I’ve always been SO focused on what other people think and I just feel so awkward most of the time. I try and force myself to change and it comes of worse. I have people I can talk to but I feel like I’ve never had a friendship that I feel completely comfortable in. I think I have social anxiety mixed with other stuff. I just don’t feel normal. Had a boy that liked me and I really liked him recently and we had great chats over text, felt really close but in person I felt anxious and I just couldn’t open up and I hate myself for it, so it didn’t work out. I just want to be free and live to be honest. Ok so heres my question. Ive had 3 sessions with a psychologist so far and I feel like it wasn’t how I expected. I kind of really want to see a psychiatrist and try some medication but my parents are really against that, but they don’t see how desperate I am- Im way to scared to tell them I have suicidal thoughts a lot because I know they do so much for me, I just feel really desperate and want to try out medication so I’m just wondering if you can offer some advice on what approach I should take to this situation. Thankyou. P.S I know this is not a crisis hotline. I’ve had thoughts from time to time but I don’t think I could do that to my parents. I just mainly want advice on the whole medication thing.

Anxiety / Depression?

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Many people benefit from psychiatric medication, but there are pros and cons. One of the positive aspects about medication is that it can decrease the severity of your symptoms. You might have fewer mood swings and feel your emotions less intensely.

Alternatively, some people complain that medication blunts all of their emotions both good and bad. In that way, the medication might only serve as a Band-Aid for your problems and not a cure. You should read more about the pros and cons of medication by doing research and or by talking to your therapist.

You shouldn’t give up on counseling. You’ve only just started. Three sessions is just a beginning. You said that you didn’t “feel like … how I expected” but you didn’t elaborate on what you meant. Give it more time. It’s good that you’re in counseling. It is where you should be. A good counselor can teach you to correct the problems you have described.

Ideally, if you do begin taking medication, you should do it in conjunction with some form of psychotherapy. Most psychologists will work in conjunction with psychiatrists when they feel that medication would be helpful. Medication alone generally offers very limited relief. Therapy may be enough but medication can certainly be added if indicated. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Anxiety / Depression?

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